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Retailers see all phone companies sending out their own terminals. Why not combine them into one machine?

One size fits All

Currently, there are 3 notable mobile payment systems, namely Android Pay, Apple Pay, and iBeacon technology, that are fast being leveraged by businesses and brands to deliver mobile proximity payments.

While it’s arguable to say which of the 3 technologies has the largest adoption rate amongst consumers, it’s undeniably clear that mobile payments are the future and there is a significant worry and need @ Retailers not having several different terminals on their counters. 

1 Payment Terminal for all Phones, Wallets, Apps

We will therefore build a whole new product  :


Product Platform Phone Payment

complete with Antivirus software and Antiskimming hardware!

This means, one Payment system for all types of mobile payment methodes. From traditional card payments to NFCQ-code, in-Apps, MST payments and of course all Android, Apple, Samsung, iBeacon technologies.

Pterminal will make the usage of fast payments much more easy and convenient for both the Retailer and Customer.

We are on the search for angels, investors, co-founders, and/or sherpas bringing this idea to life!

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